phonebook times 1. Boxed (Inspired by a movie)

“We have to”…pause…”let you go,” he says.
His voice firm, with a hint of something similar to regret.
Symbolically he presents her with the box of belongings – a cardboard box with her stuff.

Her corner office is basically packed. She takes the box from his hands, sighing, but not daring to look at his face. Instead she lets her eyes wander around the office for a last time: The skyscrapers in the clouds, the endlessness of the blue sky, the people like ants on the streets and her desk overlooking all of that.

He stares at her with his hands in his pockets, waiting. Finally it comes out through his teeth
“You are not good enough for our company”.
She swiftly turns her head towards him and stares back
“You neither” she declares without blinking.

She turns around carrying the box through the door, to never look back. Letting her go hurts, he thinks.