somebird else

Once upon a time there was a little bird who dreamed of being somebird else – bird knows who…a songbird, maybe? It had heard the story of the ugly duckling that later became a beautiful swan. But it wasn’t ugly, it simply didn’t want to be a little bird. Sitting in the plum-tree day after day daydreaming, the little bird almost fell off the tree more than once. Most of the times, though he could hold onto a branch at last. The shock of the free fall snapped him out of his dream of being somebird else.
One time however, the little bird was lost in its dream in a way that it couldn’t hold on. It fell off the tree and hit the ground so hard that it blacked out.

Some time later the little bird woke up, still dizzy trying to recuperate. Slowly it turned its head to see where he was. It was surrounded by grass and colourful plants. Some bugs were crawling in his direction. The little bird decided to fly to the lake to drink some revitalizing water. Cautious but still with a heavy head it flew to the lake. Reaching the water he landed to take a sip and stopped breathing. In the reflection of the water the little bird saw itself. Or moreover its changed self. Its head was beautifully covered with colourful leafs giving it the look of a parrot. It admired itself from all sides with an open beacon. The parrot look didn’t last, but the little bird never dreamed of being somebird else, again. In that moment looking at its reflection, it realized that it could be birdever it wants to be.