Just be myself, yourself, himself, herself?

“People often say “Just be yourself, do what you want!”
But what if we don’t know any more if it is really us wanting something, or if we are under the influence of others that tell us what to want or not to want? We have our loved-ones around us and trendsetters, ads and belongings, all kinds of stuff that might make us forget what we truly and deeply want ourselves.”

She read it again. And again. It had to sink in.
Slowly she lifted her cup of green tea from the wooden table and asked herself if he would like it.

On the other end of the world he opened his mail box and there it was: her email.
He clicked on the “read” button and browsed through the text. While Adobe opened the document attached to the mail, he lifted his cup of green tea from the metal table. He took a small sip and started reading. After the first line he began to smile. His smile grew, when he finished. This was exactly what he wanted. No. What he needed. This would be the cover of the woman’s magazine tomorrow: so simple but so true. He would just add one more line:
“Husk all layers of what others want! Don’t be yourself. Find out who you are.”