the man with the flying brain.

This story began long ago, but not too long ago, with a strange disease. There was a man with a flying brain. Whenever he woke up in the morning the man went into the bathroom to lie in his bathtub, until it was time to sleep. Occasionally, he had to substitute the water and that was when his brain started flying. Years passed with traveling doctors visiting him in his bathtub. None of the doctors ever found  a cure for this awkward disease. And so it came that the man never left the tub again. The tub was the only thing that could keep his brain from flying.

People learn to live through things. So did the man.

Every night, when the man had left the tub to lie in his bed, his brain went flying through the universe. It is not really easy to understand, when you don’t know what that means. What was happening was that his brain left earth and flew through the cosmos. It just flew and flew and at times enjoyed the isolation of space.
As soon as the man woke up, he felt so exhausted from all the flying, he got up from bed and dragged himself into the tub, where he spent the rest of the day relaxing from his nightly adventures.

He would not have survived if the tub was not prepared every day by his friend and loyal assistant, who is at this point not interesting enough to describe in detail. But I tell you this: the assistant was brave in his own way, reliable and he liked his job.
Once in the tub the man’s muscles started relaxing and his brain and body turned into one again. It was as if the water could magically hold brain and body together.
The disease became stronger every day. Until the man could only sleep for a few hours every day and spend most hours in the tub.
But of course you already know that something is to happen now. And so it was.
One day the assistant had gone out of the bathroom to prepare some food for himself. When he came back there was no trace of the man with the flying brain. The assistant searched everywhere. But the man had disappeared into air. Literally. Probably his body and his brain have turned one again and left earth to fly outer space. But we will never know for sure. The assistant inherited the house and lived a happy life.  He keeps the bathtub prepared. Just in case.