his name is sunny smile.

the sun is shining and it would be a shame to sit inside. He decides to go the library to find himself a good read.
A great day to read in the sun today!

Entering the building, he is impressed by its power, its bigness that swallows every person like the universe the moon. He walks towards the front desk.

“Hello, can I borrow a book?” he says and smiles a small smile without teeth.
the librarian, a middle-aged, well-conserved woman with glasses smiles benignly more to herself than to him.
“I guess we’ve got heaps. Have you been here before?”
“No, it’s the first time.”
“You can get a free pass, if you have a photo ID on you.With the pass you can take any two items and borrow them for two weeks.”
“Nice” he answers and hands over his id. While he is waiting he takes his time to look around and admire the greatness of the Victorian style building with the thick walls, the old tiles, the wooden bookshelves and leather desks.

The librarian checks the passport and frowns.

His name is Sunny Smile?
She looks at the ID and then at him again.
She holds the ID up into the light to find out if it is a fake. It looks real.

In the corner of her eye she studies him. She can’t place him. He is still looking around, not realizing that he is being checked.
She tries to sound casual  “we got 2 Million books, are you looking for something in particular?”
He says now looking at her bluntly “Oh, no, I’m waiting. The book is already looking for me. I’m sure it will find me.”