traveler of worlds

My name is the traveler of worlds.
I like to run around searching for food all the time. I leave traces, codified smells for my colleagues. With scents we talk to each other. The moment that I discover food, I emit the happy smell and the colleagues most close to me can find me very quickly. Some of my colleagues are trained to estimate the food, if it is fresh and not poisonous. Together we carry as much food as we can, back to the castle to feed the queen. I can carry loads as heavy as trains.

You know what, now that you know me, just call me ant 562. I am part of the Kingstreet tribe. We are about 10. 352 ants, when I last checked. But in this very moment we might be 10. 138. My best friends is ant 563. He grew up in the egg next to me. We had a great childhood together. Warm and cozy in the egg and the queen told us stories about her childhood. She prepared us for our worker life. She does not simply tell stories like you know them.  The queen’s stories are submitted by smells and encoded into our eggs. You wouldn’t believe it, but we have developed a technology that is hundred times more intelligent than human technology. In fact we rule the world.