The day I didn’t wear a bra

No, this is not a story about nudity or p*** or a trick to lure readers. It is an observation about changing a very old habit.
I always wear a bra. Every single day. Because if I don’t wear it, I feel naked. One day, I decided spontaneously to skip the thing.  It was cold and I put on a top, a t-shirt and a sweater quickly without bothering about the bra. In the end, it confirmed what I knew before: No matter how many layers I wear on top of each other, I feel naked without a bra.
The funny thing was, I was sure that people would stare at me. As if someone would come up to me and say, hey are you nuts to leave the house without a bra? Or that at least little kids would point their fingers at me.
But nothing happened. Absolutely nothing.
People didn’t even notice me at all. Or more than usual.
It was only my perception that was different. Everything else, my surroundings were exactly the way they was the day before, when I did wear the damn thing. The conclusion is, the brain likes routine and I like my bra.