The fog story, man!

Something was very wrong today. It was not really clear what, though. Clarity was undoubtedly the problem. As if there was a big fog over everything. A fog that swallowed all that mattered and even that what didn’t matter. The fog came in and out of everything, above and below, blurring boarders, blurring his mind. So where to start? What to do? He got op. Slowly. It was so damn cold that the fog in his head started to clear bit-by-bit. Just enough to make him realize that he had to hurry to be in time for work. Hastily he checked the clock. 7.30. He had about 15 minutes to get ready in order to catch the bus. With a bit of rest-fog and without much thinking, he got up, set off into the bathroom, brushed his teeth, got dressed. Just the everyday routine. But something was different today. Suddenly he remembered the weird dream he had. It was about a cloudy fog that had swallowed the world and he was the one to
save it. Fogman. He started the day as a superhero.

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#double-decker bus copy-pasted from London
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