Why is this geometric hole in the staircase?

I must have looked dumb-struck.
Judging from my housemate’s facial expression, he probably thought that I fell for his idea.

When I said “I keep on asking myself why is this geometric hole in our staircase?”
“Maybe there is a mouse living underneath the staircase.” He answered
Now this really made my chin drop.
I stared at the shape which looked like two shapes merged in one: A square hit a circle.

And there it was, that kind of annoying smile in his face while trying to pull my leg.
But I wasn’t scared of mice nor did I feel disgusted or anything else. It just immediately turned on my brainmachine. To be precise, it turned on the imagination process in my brain. Within milliseconds, I imagined the little house the mice created underneath the staircase. I thought of them as comic figures with tiny bathrooms, living and dining spaces, eating pieces of cheese with their tiny hands. I imagined them scurrying around under my feet when they heard the sounds of my footsteps.
But something didn’t fit. I got distracted by the hole’s shape. It was much too big for mice…and this geometric shape… I looked down and all I saw was darkness. Absolute blackness. “Naw,” I said “I think that particular hole was created by the tiny geometric-square-and-circle-monster. It fits in exactly like the pieces in those puzzles for toddlers.”


#the Aborigine, the African, and the moon