Short Seoul thriller

There was something that held him back. Was it higher power, fate or just bad luck? Whatever it was it chained him to the city of Seoul. Not that it was such a bad place, but it was time to leave, go home and get back to work. However, it seemed impossible for him to leave. First he missed his flight. He booked a flight for an hour later. But the second flight was cancelled due to bad weather. Wearily he took the metro back to the hotel. Standing in the air-conditioned metro car his body started aching all over. It felt like thousand needles penetrating his skin. When the metro approached the station he got out. He had difficulties walking. Powerless he dragged himself to the hotel and into the bathroom. Looking in the mirror he froze. A web of skin-like strings grew out of his body and chained him to the ceiling. He was literally chained to Seoul.