Louisa Juli is now Romy Bleibe

Huh? Louisa is Romy? Yes, my new pen name is now Romy Bleibe***. It might sound strange to you, but somehow I could not identify myself with the pseudonym Louisa Juli.

The new pen name is composed of my birth name Rosemarie and «Bleibe» the imperative of «stay». In English I guess you pronounce ***Bleibe like Bleebuh, Bleebee or Blaybe or however you like to pronounce it.

My childhood friends used to call me Rosie or «Röschen» – which means little flower rose. But now the people I love just call me Romy and I like myself as Romy.

The surname Bleibe is a plea to myself to turn my out-of-the-suitcase existence into a travel-with-a-home-base one.

Without giving up traveling I want to «bleib» somewhere long enough to make more than five friends, long enough to celebrate a new friend’s birthday and to meet him or her not only on the phone. I want to own tea cups and furniture again and after being a nomad for ten years, I want to see the trees in my street with and without leaves.

I am a little of all the places I’ve lived and I always will be. But now I will belong.

from Berlin
Romy Bleibe

2013 (1)In 2014 still in Melbourne but already thinking of Berlin

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