people stories from Berlin Tiergarten

My phone just does these voice control things that I can’t stop. Out of the blue a voice tells me that I’m searching the internet for: Harding me down! – whatever that means.

At the corner of a shop on Potsdamer platz a student is showing his upper leg to a girl. She reads some blue written hard-to-read-adress from his thighs and types it into her cell.

As it rains three gangster dudes share a rectangular umbrella.

A tattooed punk is shaking out goat fur. It must be his carpet.

A prepuberty boy shocks under his headphones as if he has Parkinson – a one man party?

Sitting in the metro, I hear some exceptional screams. I think”an ape?” but it is a huge cacadu sitting on a pirate’s shoulder.

Berlin in all your diversity you can’t surprise me anymore!