chats about one-celled animals in pizza

«When I come visit I’ll make some pizza.»
«Great a real Italian pizza made by an Italian!!! Can you make vegetarian pizza?»
«Sure! Vegan would be impossible…but vegetarian is quite easy.»
«Yes vegan would be without milk and eggs…»
«what about yeast?…hard to say..»
«I thought it was a grain…»
«I think it’s more of a bacterial noodle.»
«Lol. I googled it. The opinions about it differ quite a lot.
One person says ‘Yes, vegans can eat yeast, yeast are micro-organisms from the Fungi kingdom.’ Another one says ‘Why does the life of a cow, fish or bee have more authenticity than that of a million of one-celled creatures that eat starches and sugars?»