Who’s afraid of…water fire me?

«Bathing has a weird way of calming me down.»
«Hehe. It must be the?…how was it called? – what we saw on TV: The diver’s syndrome! The fact that water on your skin has the immediate impact to slow down your heart rate…»
«Ah, yes, I remember.»
«The bath tub does that because I’m fire. That really is my element. At times when I become a bush fire, the foamy water keeps the inflation in check.»
«Hehe, exactly!…Did I tell you about my diving course?»
«I went down in total darkness.»
«Scary!…I could never dive!
«Why not?»
«The mere idea of being completely surrounded by water scares the hell out of me…I’m not afraid of parachuting, of spiders and mice, of the dentist, of aging and pain, of financial disaster or exploding stars. Not even of my own death! But what I deeply fear is being in a substance that fills everything around me and even most of myself. Although, coming to think of it I also fear the fear.»
«And you?…What are you afraid of?»
«I’m afraid of you [big smile].»