earth in my heart, soil in my coil

I woke up in a dark space sitting on a yoga cushion like a Buddha. Something was wrong. I felt heavy, couldn’t breath. My heart was a pounding container of earth and soil when I suddenly knew! I knew what was wrong: “They”, whoever they were had forced me into drug dealing, a  shocking insight that made my heart skip a beat.

I woke up. This time for real, sweating and maybe even skipping a real beat.

When I went back to sleep the dream continued. I was in the same space, sitting on a coil of metal this time trying to come up with an escape plan, when my first client came in. He paid me with a stack of bills that didn’t smell or feel like money, I handed over a thing that didn’t look like drugs. It was carefully wrapped in smooth, gray packaging paper. When the client turned around the paper dissipated into thousands of fluffy, little and yellow birds flapping through the ceiling that was slowly changing into the sky.