Gerfrica – an imagined life story

I was born and grew up in Uganda. No, not Uganda in Africa. Uganda in Gerfrica. Of course, this might sound strange to you, because Uganda is also a country in East Africa. Nevertheless, it was also a little village in a country called Gerfrica. Most of you haven’t heard of this country before, because it doesn’t exist in reality. It is a country of my imagination.

Let me illustrate it to you: Gerfrica is a wild and wonderful place that can best be described as the jungle of music. It is a country that grows, namely every day, anew. It starts in the morning from scratch, disappears at midnight and starts again in the morning. At first, it is only fog that changes into a cloud. During the day the cloud grows into a wonderful lively and multicoloured country. In the evening it becomes an adventurous jungle with pink and orange flowers and green lianas and tangled underground. At midnight it disappears. That is the country’s cycle of life.

When I was seven years old, I learned to play the guitar. However, a guitar in Gerfrica wasn’t like any other guitar. It was made of blue neoprene and you could wear it like a diving suit. I only had to tap the neoprene and it would slide on like a glove. As soon as I put the finger on the in-build strings in my belly region, it played all the songs I could imagine. In the evening, I would push a button that was hidden in the suit pockets and the neoprene guitar would slip off and get stored in the cupboard.
Every day, I dressed up as a different instrument such as a mustard yellow violin and then a starfish red piano. I aged every day using a different instrument, until I was suddenly twenty. During time, I had become an advanced musician. My master piece became the trumpet. Its thin part around the feet made it almost impossible to walk with. Its wide opening around my head made it hard to see.

However, the most dangerous part of living in Gerfrica was getting up in the morning. The ground was not solid, yet, because my mind was simply to sleepy and weak to build a country. Before I got out of bed, I needed to make sure that I was entirely awake. Or I would end up with nothing under my feet but thin air. One day, I happened to forget about the cloudy start of Gerfrica and came out of bed to early. I fell through the clouds and fell and fell. It seemed to take forever. I passed falling trees, neoprene guitars, black hovering musical notes and bananas. Then, I woke up.