Family star search

I was invited to the home of a 19th century family of a father, mother and ten kids. All six girls wore those notorious white bows in her hair. The four boys and their father wore suits and held their hands behind their back. Everyone was just as sepia, blurry, flat and one-dimensional as an old photograph. Only when they spoke their words came out as three-dimensional speech bubbles.

When they invited me to their backyard, I saw what looked like Mount Fuji. On its ever snow-white top there was an astronomical observatory with multiple house-high instruments. The flat family climbed the mountain with me. However, reaching the snowy parts, they said good-bye and I had to mount the ladder to a humongous binocular telescope, all by myself. Unfortunately, the machine seemed to have a mind of its own and tried to kick me off. I fell down a couple of steps from the ladder but managed to hold on again with my right hand. I breathed in and out and climbed further into the skies. Finally, I arrived at the binoculars looked through them and what I saw took my breath away: On the other end there was a blue planet just like our planet earth. On the other end there was a blue planet just like our planet earth and on this planet there were some dinosaur like creature and one was staring back at me.