The-from-now-on-promise… / Das von-jetzt-an-Versprechen

From now on, this blog will be fed a little less regularly. I find it hard to resist that habit to blog everyday after having blogged 1287 times in almost three years (December 2012), but I want to spread my energy differently. :) See you soon here again. Von jetzt an wird dieser Blog etwas unregelmäßiger […]

1 X 3 (Dutch) «jachtige samenleving»

Jachtige samenleving = Literally the hunted or hounded society. I like the allusion to a society that is driven by something rather than just fast-paced and hectic. It implies the craziness of e.g. time pressure or compulsion to buy. Some philosophers are pleading for individual time planning. To rather get guided by Kairos (the ancient […]

1×3 (English) «hangry»

hangry = isn’t it a great marriage of angry and hungry? When you are hungry that you get angry. Apparently it is proven that people are more likely to fight when they are peckish (and here another great word) hangry = eine gelungene Mischunmg aus dem englischen Wort hungry = hungrig und angry = wütend. […]

1×3 (English) «don»

don = What sounds like the Spanish don = man has two completely different meanings in English. In British English it means university tutor, but in American English it is a “mafia boss” don = Was klingt wie das Spanische Don = Mann hat in English zwei unterschiedliche Bedeutungen. Im Bristischen bezeichnet es einen Universitätsprofessor. […]