The-from-now-on-promise… / Das von-jetzt-an-Versprechen

From now on, this blog will be fed a little less regularly. I find it hard to resist that habit to blog everyday after having blogged 1287 times in almost three years (December 2012), but I want to spread my energy differently. :) See you soon here again. Von jetzt an wird dieser Blog etwas unregelmäßiger […]

The zebra and the stack

The sun, a zebra through the blinds Me, a stack of unfulfilled tasks and outside the peaceful morning is maturing into day me, my eyes, my mind and my heart: the stack. and outside the day is pushing the people to get their stacks done. And task and time and zebra and stack melt into […]

winter-empty balconies

In the outskirts of Utrecht in Holland’s randstad, there is a big building block with hundreds of balconies, winter-empty. One is not. It showcases a lonely jacket. As if this jacket was a supervisor, overlooking all the rest. As if it was the balcony king of all the emptiness. I want to ask King Jacket “What is […]