The-from-now-on-promise… / Das von-jetzt-an-Versprechen

From now on, this blog will be fed a little less regularly. I find it hard to resist that habit to blog everyday after having blogged 1287 times in almost three years (December 2012), but I want to spread my energy differently. :) See you soon here again. Von jetzt an wird dieser Blog etwas unregelmäßiger […]

Nachts in Florenz 2009

Ich warte am Bahnhof Campo del Mar, ein kleiner Florentinische Nebenbahnhof, den sich Güterzüge und Nachtzüge teilen. Meine Gedanken verstreuen sich wie die Züge in alle Richtungen, fahren mit, wie alte Kohlen. Ein Mann singt mittelalterlich in einem Englisch, das klingt wie eine neue Sprache, eine Sprache die alleinig geschaffen wurde, um mich zu beruhigen, […]

juicy story

Strangers often start talking to me and I enjoy talking to strangers. Somehow this must show in my face. So it happens that in the plane from Italy to Holland, after smiling back and forth, the girl next to me begins a light conversation. She has friendly brown eyes, hidden under half-rim metal glasses, the […]

How you Turin is how you dress

I get absorbed in the atmosphere of via garibaldi, sticking out one blonde head, being completely underdressed between the Torinesi. Even the punks and the wheelchairs are styled. One thing that I don’t get is the hipness of the michelin jacket. #poetic #Italy #the rain is raining #this is not the sky it must be heaven

shortly before landing…

I see Milan, its suburbs, its sprawls, its loops. Churches stick out like dwarfs hats, many buildings are oriented towards South, farming fields are less organised, not squares but rhombs.  On the horizon the Alps, white from snow, powerful, overlooking the settlements, telling the stories of old and new times. Almighty. #plane stories #Italy