The-from-now-on-promise… / Das von-jetzt-an-Versprechen

From now on, this blog will be fed a little less regularly. I find it hard to resist that habit to blog everyday after having blogged 1287 times in almost three years (December 2012), but I want to spread my energy differently. :) See you soon here again. Von jetzt an wird dieser Blog etwas unregelmäßiger […]

Wanna swim against the stream??

Boom, pooooff, pokpok, pampampampam, Pok pok pok pok kaktaraktaktaktaktak, iiiiiieehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, While everybody is shooting firecrackers since ten o’clock today, I decided to sleep through the New year’s eve and get up very early on New year’s day. Have you ever done that? It’s like being the only person in the whole wide world. #talking to […]