Sounds tell tales

The small, green room of my coworking community is left empty today, most likely because of the flow noises radiating from the old heater system. Thankful for the calm today, I install myself directly next to the rushing and splashing and pretend it was a tropical waterfall. Childhood memories bring back the old shell trick. Instead, I start cupping my ears with the coffee cup to hear the ocean waves.

Konservenglück / canned happiness

„Guten Tag,“ sagt die Verkäuferin, „was kann ich für sie tun?“
„Ich möchte gerne Glück aus der Dose.”
“Das haben wir leider nur frisch und geschnitten.”


“Good morning,” says the vendor, “what can I do for you?”
“I’d like some happiness in a can.”
“That we have, but only fresh and sliced.”