The-from-now-on-promise… / Das von-jetzt-an-Versprechen

From now on, this blog will be fed a little less regularly. I find it hard to resist that habit to blog everyday after having blogged 1287 times in almost three years (December 2012), but I want to spread my energy differently. :) See you soon here again. Von jetzt an wird dieser Blog etwas unregelmäßiger […]

(old poem from October 2014)

My day was painted reality. My night was dyed unlight. The sun is already leaving when I decide to sit on those concrete stairs in front of some building that is about to be broken down. I get repulsed by the cold that reminds me that I have to find an apartment for tomorrow, or […]

Non-bathers are watching you.

Berlin pool, crowded. Diving board waves and toys in my face. People sticking to the edges like mussels to the rocks.Slalom swimming, water splashing, spitting, feet hitting, A long black hair first winds itself around my right wrist, then another one around my left one, just to get stuck in the wristband key. The weirdest part of it all is […]

The zebra and the stack

The sun, a zebra through the blinds Me, a stack of unfulfilled tasks and outside the peaceful morning is maturing into day me, my eyes, my mind and my heart: the stack. and outside the day is pushing the people to get their stacks done. And task and time and zebra and stack melt into […]